Our Process

From blank canvas to visual masterpiece, this is how we create
your next big video – one pixel at a time.
Here's How We Roll Live-Action
Dream It

You bring the dream; we bring the playground. Brainstorming, scriptwriting, and storyboarding – we do the groundwork and lay out all the details, so the production team gets a comprehensive plan. Nothing left to chance here!

Craft It

Our production team scouts the perfect talent and locations. When everything is just right, it’s time for lights, camera, action! We provide the equipment, film with flair, and don’t stop till we get it right. Your story is captured with every shot.

Polish It

When the shooting wraps, it’s off to our post-production team. That’s where we add motion graphics, cut, edit, and fine-tune colors and sounds until your video is polished to perfection.

Animation production process
Imagine It

Every frame of our animations starts with a wild idea. This is where we can really get creative. From brainstorming to scripting, we plot the journey of your message in a storyboard that speaks volumes, then bring it to life with a crisp voice-over.

Animate It

This is the stage where we unleash our superpowers to bring characters and scenes to life. One keyframe at a time, until the final product is a true feast for the eyes.

Perfect It

Sound design and final touches are applied with precision. Every beat and visual syncs harmoniously in the final product. Provide your audience with an experience that is sure to resonate – and most importantly, convert.

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Live-Action or Animation - what is the right style for you?
Ah, the eternal dilemma! Truth is, there's no one right answer. We've tackled both live-action and animation for our commercial videos, and it really depends on what clicks with your brand.

Let's sit down and chat about your budget, brand vibe, and where the video will be seen. You might want to browse some examples online to get a feel for what works best for you.

And hey, why not mix it up and go for both?
Can we kick off multiple Video Projects at once?
Indeed. With our streamlined process and skilled team, we can handle multiple video projects concurrently, no sweat.
Can you adapt video content for different Social Media?
Without a doubt! Whether it's making catchy square videos for Instagram or engaging stories for Snapchat, we know how to tweak content for each platform. With us, your message will hit the mark on every social channel, reaching more people and making a bigger impact.
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