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Great products tell great stories, so we get real people to tell your story in a way that will make your brand memorable. 

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Increase viewer engagement

and conversions

From heartfelt storytelling to breathtaking visuals, Live Action is the way to go when you want to bring out the essence of your brand
in the most authentic way possible.

Form Your Brand's Character
82% of consumers have bought a product or service due to watching a marketing video
Spare No Details
Showcase your product in real-life scenarios and build trust with your audience.
Hit 'Em Right in the Feels:
Live action captivates and maintains viewer attention longer by humanizing your brand.
Our Process

Go Big  🎥

Set your brand apart with a video as unique as your fingerprint and give it the voice to say “Only here, only us”.
Connect on a deeper level by showcasing vulnerability. When people care, they remember.
Versatility: From demos to stories, you can use live-action videos for any purpose you can imagine.
Show the real deal about your brand and build trust through genuine, real-life visuals and narratives.

For Real Action that Matters

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Kyron Learning
Our video turned out great, and we'd gladly team up with Nemanja, Michael, and the team again.
Light Silver
Co-founder, Ledger Teams

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Why choose Live Action video?
Live-Action videos can really take your business up a notch. People love feeling connected, so these videos are super engaging and great for getting your name out there and growing.

With interesting stories and eye-catching visuals, they grab your audience's attention like nothing else in marketing can.
Can Live Action footage include Animation and Graphics?
For sure! Mixing animation with real footage is great. It makes videos more interesting and memorable. Adding animation to live-action shots adds excitement and makes them stand out.
Who owns the video rights?
At Noldio, we keep things simple and fair. Once the project's done and you've paid in full, the video rights are all yours, 100%.
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Your story’s waiting to be told, and we’re
here to tell it like no other.
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